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We are a UAE tech startup working on solving people's daily life pains by tech. We use Top Notch quality components from the Us along with Egyptian intelligent engineering development to build products that makes your life, Eazier!

The Team

Mahmoud Ragab

Founder and Ceo

Safety engineer who have always been busy by working on solving problems by tech. he has 3 three patents in Electronics field. He is not only focused on engineering, but on buisness too. He had joined several business training programs and accelerators and even got Private mentorship with P&G past regional manager.

Omer Mohammed

Co-Founder and COO

Hungry to learn Omer joined several engineering projects as a student in the AAST, ending to be a demonstrator in it.

He soon found his passion is not lecturing but working physically, soon he landed a job within a Military construction project and was hired as an operations site manager before he joined Eizeasta as a COO