Choosing the Best gas detector alarm

Whether you are looking for a carbon monoxide detector, a natural gas detector or even a propane detector for your RV, you are always worried about their reliability

Choosing the wrong detector alarm can cause you an unprecedented headache, from false alarms at midnight, to unbeeping at all when alarming is needed

So you are probably asking what is the best gas leak detector to keep my home safe, we here will present you to what we believe is the best gas detector of 2020, "Ghasmo"

Ghasmo is not your normal detector, it is your protector, and here is why:

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Ghasmo Carbon monoxide best gas detector for home safety against Carbon monoxide and Smoke alarm



Ghasmo the most accurate false alarm free gas leak detector gas leak alarm

Only if there is 

REAL Smoke/gas leak, 

Ghasmo ™  will make you alerted

GHASMO ™ (Patent pending) is Gas leak/Smoke detector alarm that is 20% more sensitive & 3 times more accurate than traditional alarms in the market.

It uses ‘ACCUcheck’ technology which depends on a smart processor that analyzes data of the air to make sure there is a real leak before it beeps!

Ghasmo is

3 times louder

than Any alarm

We know Smoke/gas leak detector alarms that are available in the market are very low in sound volume. If you live in a 400Ft​ home or bigger, you might not be able to hear the siren of traditional alarms available in the market.

But with Ghasmo, this is no more a problem. Our device is 3 Times louder than any competitor alarm, with a siren that can let you hear the alarm of danger in your bed!

3 Three Times louder .png

Ghasmo is

3 times Accurate

than Any alarm

ACCUcheck technology is a state of the art algorithmic method that helps Ghasmo gas leak detector to be false alarm free.

The ACCUcheck works on data collecting and data analysis basis, whether for the Smoke detector, Carbon monoxide detector or any gas leak detector version of Ghasmo’s gas leak alarm.

This technology is what makes our detectors unique, it collects data about the air surrounding the main unit, then it analyzes it with its microprocessor to determine whether the data collected really refers to gas leak or not before it allows Ghasmo’s siren alarms to beep

Ghasmo full unit with gas valve automaticprotection system against Carbon monoxide and Natural gas and Methane

 The main unit 

Automatic valve shutdown motor

Battery equipped

power adapter

Are all Gas alarms the same?

False leak alarms is a malfunction that occurs to alarms usually when there is a change in temperature or humidity, or when there is an accumulation of dust inside the device, or sometimes due to reacting to common households like disinfectants, insecticides & Cleaners

The best Smoke/Gas leak alarms are False alarm free ones, which means they will not react to common household gases and vapors, typically disinfectants, insecticides, air fresheners, cleaners, and polishing products Nor react to changes in temperature or humidity.

False alarms are not just a nuisance; they are a life safety issue. The Gas Research Institute conducted a study that shows 70% of the people who experienced a false alarm will not respond to the next alarm. False alarms can cause people to ignore the leak alarm, or even turn it off, which could lead to serious Fires or death!

The Dangers of false alarms

The New York Times has reported on the risk of ignoring the gas leak alarms, giving examples of some real life situations that turned deadly. In one case, an alarm had gone off, but it turned out to be a false alarm. The second time the alarm went off, the owner of the alarm, a doctor, simply unplugged the unit and went out to dinner while his four children and their babysitter stayed home. Tragically when he returned home, all five had died of poisoning.

Campers RV protected by Ghasmo gas detector system



No more worries about your lovely outdoor nights!

Ghasmo detects many kinds of gases like Natural gas, cylinder gas & Propane gas of RV cylinders too.

Now you can have fun and get assured your sleep will be worries free. No more false leak alarms.