Helium mining PlusKit - Remotely control you miners & Double your antennas

Helium "PLUSKIT"
For a continuous mining

Metallic Texture

A 5000mah battery plug!
For a continuous mining

Helium PlusKit 5000mah plug

A smart power adapter that is equipped with a 5000mah battery that is able to charge and power Helium miners at the same time.

*Flash switches on/off if the smart plug is turned off


Connected   Remotely
              From Anywhere!

HNT Miners Flash reset plug

A smartplug that is universally compatible with all helium miners




The smart plug gives you remote control over your miner, by allowing you to turn it on/off via a mobile phone app.


It is designed to have the ability to flow the designated amount of current that is compatible with Helium mining energy consumption.

Multiple Coverage

Double the Possibilities!

A double Antenna joiner connector with the capability of handling Two 9DBI Antennas at once, making the chances higher for covering more areas and doubling the miner witnesses.

Bobcat miner double the antennas, double the exposue. Helium mining PlusKit

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If it doesn't satisfy you

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linxdot helium miner plus two antennas